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You are about to enter the mind of Glombo, iconoclastic creator and artistic genius behind "Psychomic". (Please don't touch anything and be sure to wipe your feet! My cleaning lady only shows up here once per week and no one likes a filthy Medulla Oblongata! And stay out of my Temporal Lobe! I get so tired of having to say this over and over! Okay. Well...anyway, thanks in advance for your cooperation.)

A few short years ago, I labored aggressively to secure a hedonistic, self-indulgent lifestyle as a universally esteemed and beloved cartoonist-philosopher. I enjoyed a modicum of success as several of my comic panels were featured in upbeat, hipster magazines, like "The East Bay Monthly" (Oakland/Berkeley, CA) and VOX (Oklahoma City, OK). I had my works featured numerous times in King Features' "The New Breed", which appeared in many major and minor cities throughout the USA. Unfortunately, syndication eluded me and I got less and less interested in "pressing the flesh". (If those syndicate chiefs would have showered once in a while, it wouldn't have been so difficult, you know!) So, anyway, I have long since settled into a more quiet and secluded life as a bitter, yet choleric comic recluse.

Today, I'm quite content (i.e., relegated) to allow visitors, like yourselves, to ruminate over this collection of offerings from out of my mind. I hope you will manage a few chortles, titters and sniggers while you're here!

Thanks for indulging me! Now, off you go! Off! Scoot! Shoo!


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